Tips for quantitative aptitude short cut tricks

Quantitative Aptitude is an important topic for competitive exams as well as the corporate world. Quantitative aptitude tricks are necessary to solve problems fast. A Person with good aptitude skills is considered to be better than others because they are fast at calculating in their mind and good at the problem-solving skills. So the aspirants need to know some important quantitative aptitude shortcuts tricks and tips to get a good score in competitive exams.


Why Aptitude test is required?

Aptitude tests are designed to be used for career and employment decisions, and intelligence tests are more likely to be used for educational as well as research purposes. The mathematical ability of the brain be intact is concerned of every individual. In most of the examinations, even calculators are not allowed, let alone Computers. So the students who are trying to get success in those exams must have good problem-solving skills in aptitude.

The problem of the most of the students is not that they could not solve the questions, But the problem is the incapability to solve the questions in time. So, the aspirants must have a look “How to manage the Time?”. Since the aspirants need to solve the questions with speed and accuracy

Each question of Aptitude values more than other subjects in competitive exams. So if you practice more times, you get more marks. Also, the answers to Aptitude questions are more confirmed that the answers to Reasoning questions, which are often confusing. Most of the students feel it is a more time-consuming topic, but if you learn how to solve quantitative aptitude problems faster, you can save your valuable time in the examination hall.

Quantitative Aptitude Shortcut Tricks:

For a good understanding purpose, Strutor provides you quantitative aptitude shortcuts tricks both in detail and quicker methods to solve Quantitative Aptitude each and every problem. However, for practical purpose, concentrate on working formulas instead of delving too much into the theory. So that you can save your valuable time in the examination hall. Once you revised well every topic keenly, you shall feel empowered enough to evolve formulas of your own.

Strutor provides you topic wise quizzes as well as free mock test series. So that you can find your weak areas and can practice more in those areas.
Important quantitative aptitude topics to get a good score in competitive exams are as follows:
1. Simplifications and Approximations
2. Data Interpretation
3. Number Series and
4. Quadratic Equations

1. Simplifications and Approximations

If you want to get a good score in this section, you must have to calculate faster. So practice more questions as you can, so that you get a better score. Know the shortcut tricks to solve simplifications problems.

  • Learn tables till 30. Which save some valuable time during your exam.
  • Learn fractions till 1/20 to improve your speed.

2. Data Interpretation

The main purpose of Data Interpretation test is to determine a person’s ability to extract the correct data from tables, graphs and charts. The data extracted has to be manipulated mathematically to find the correct answer. Know the easy shortcut tricks to solve data interpretation problems.
In most Data Interpretation, questions are usually based on Percentage increase and decrease, Ratios and averages. A simple trick for solving data interpretation problems quickly is:

  • Learn tables till 20.
  • Learn fractions till 1/20 to improve your speed.
  • Reduce calculation time while finding averages.

For suppose if you want to find average for students in class 6 to 10 for the year 2017
What you usually do: [105+125+130+115++100]/5
Use this shortcut: 100 + [5+25+30+15]/5=100+ [75/5]= 115
Surely, with this technique, you can reduce calculation time.

3. Number Series

In number series, you need to find out the missing number or find out the number which is in the series.  These are some formats which are given in competitive exams.
Perfect Square, Perfect Cube, Ratio series, Geometric series, Two stage series and Mixed Series.
So, you need to practice more to get a better score. Strutor provides some simple tricks on Number Series.

4. Quadratic equations

These above four topics need not require much time in preparation but it can be deciding factor in your quant marks. So, make sure that you are good enough to solve the questions of quants in Time.The more you practice, the better you score.