Previous Papers of All Govt. Exams

Previous Question Papers is one of the most important prerequisites for the Competitive Exam preparation. When you are preparing for competitive exams, you need to know as much as possible regarding your exam so that you can get clear picture about your exam. Previous question papers are the best source for that. If you go through previous question papers, You will get genuine information regarding your exam i.e, the examination pattern, the difficult level of questions being asked in the examination etc. Strutor Provides you SSC, UPSC and Other Banking Exam previous Question papers.

SSC CHSL 2016 Tier-1 (All Previous Papers)

How Previous Question Papers would be helpful in your exam

When we are in exam hall surprises are not a good things to happen. Time Management is a crucial thing in UPSC Exams, Every second is valuable. If you waste some time by thinking “how can I miss something like this?”, it will surely costs you. So it’s better to get prepared for all the possibilities. So that, we not only save our precious time but also our concentration. Getting our mind diverted and feeling guilty will not make you any good in the examination.

   SSC CGL2016 Tier-1 (All Previous Papers)

Know the Difficulty level of the questions
The difficulty level may not be the same every year, it either goes up or down depending on the team who prepares the questions but by practicing previous question papers we can set a benchmark on how the question paper is going to be. By doing so, we can try to reach that benchmark and smartly calculate our preparation time for it.
Know your Strengths and Weaknesses and plan accordingly!!
By preparing previous question papers we can assess our own strengths and weaknesses. Once you know your strengths and weaknesses, we can focus more on our weaknesses in order to rectify them. By doing so, we can get ahead of them. Not just that we can even prepare our Time-Table according to our strengths and weaknesses. It’s better to spend some extra time on our weak topics to clear that weaknesses.

UPSC Previous Question Papers

You can Predict which is more important!
To Avoid all these complications and confusions, Preparing Previous question papers is a really good thing to do. By doing so, we will come to know the pattern of the exam, the type of question, the difficulty level of the question being asked in the examination. Also we can predict the topics which are more important by observing the trending topics of previous question papers.
Don’t rely on very old papers!!
Candidates are advised that Please, Don’t rely too much on very old question papers because the format has been modified now, So you need to focus on question papers that are released after the modifications.The chances are even some questions may even repeat or being asked in a slight modification.If you can solve all those previous question papers it will give you an immense confidence which will be very useful in UPSC Examination.

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